Adidas Predator Edge+ FG Review

The Adidas Predator is a football boot that many top players worldwide use to better control the ball. It comes in various colours and works well on both natural and artificial grass. Additionally, it has laceless and elastic-fit styles available.

Adidas has a famous line of football boots known as the Predator series. Many legendary players like Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham, and Paul Pogba have worn them. These boots, available in the SuperStealth Pack, can be found in black or other colours. The boots are versatile and can be used on all types of playing surfaces, including dry natural grass with SG studs and artificial grass with multi-ground cleats.

Recently, the Predator series has brought some innovative technologies to the table. The Predator X uses PowerSpine technology to reduce energy loss, while the Predator Absolute has PowerPulse and 3D rubber layers for better ball control and acceleration. In 2020, Adidas released the “DemonSkin” technology, featuring 406 rubber spikes on the upper for improved ball control and a lower center of gravity for impact.

The Predator will undergo a redesign and be released in 2022. Its upper will be composed of rubber fins that improve grip, a laceless strike zone, and a mid-cut collar. The cleat will be lightweight and breathable. The addition of a front slit will provide greater flexibility for athletes.


The new outsole of the Predator is designed to improve acceleration and prevent slippage by placing more weight in the forefoot. It features a textured grip that provides stability on all srfaces and a Facet Frame construction, similar to the Mutator’s Controlframe. Aditionally, it is lightweight, making it perfect for players looking to increase their speed.

Compared to the slitted collar on the Predator Freak, the mid-cut two-part ankle collar design offers a more comfortable transition from the cleat to the wearer. Additionally, the Facet Fit construction farther enhances comfort. It’s worth noting that the lower-profile and laced versions of the Predator may not be suitable for high-speed movements.


There are two different kinds of cleats that you can choose from. One type has laces while the other type has an elastic fit. The Facet Fit collar is particularly useful for midfielders and anyone else who wants more comfort but doesn’t want to lose any agility. The front of the boot has a slit that makes it easier to stretch the opening, and the outsole uses a combination of laceless and slitted designs to help prevent slipping.

The Adidas Predator is a great choice if you want to improve your ball control and footwork. While it’s popular among midfielders, it’s also helpful for central defenders.

It’s best for synthetic or indoor pitches and has a Hybridtouch upper material and Grip Control Pro technology that enhance ball control. The 3D rubber elements also offer great traction on any surface.

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